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F Book VIII THE PHIEACIAN GAMES AND BANQUET IN HONOUR OF ULYSSES. * Penelope and Calypso also had gardens: so had Laertes (xxiv. 247). " When morning came Alcinous called an assembly of the PhiEacians, and Minerva went about urging everyone to come The Authoress of the Odyssey [Cllap. and see the wonderful stranger. She also gave Ulysses a more imposing presence that he might impress the people favourably. When the Phceacians were assembled Alcinous said :28 I do not know who this stranger is, nor where he comes from; but he wants us to send him to his own home, and no guest of mine was ever y~t able to complain that I did not send him home quickly enough.

This was accordingly done, and after Ulysses had finished eating Alcinous made a speech, in which he proposed that they should have a great banquet next day in their guest's honour, and then provide him an escort to take him to his own home. This was agreed to, and after a while the other guests went home to bed. When they were gone Ulysses was left alone with AIcinous 230 and Arete sitting over the fire, while the servants were taking the things away after supper. Then Arete said, "Stranger, before we go any further there is a question I should like to put to you.

Rr The first ghost I saw was that of Elpenor whose body was 51 still lying unburied at Circe's house. Then I said, {How now, Elpenor? you have got here sooner by land than I have done by water,' The poor fellow told me how he had forgotten about the stairs, and begged me to give him all due rites when I retnrned to Circe's island-which I promised faithfully that I would do. rr Then I saw the ghost of my mother Anticlea, but in all 81 sadness I would not let her taste of the blood till Tiresias should have come and answered my questions.

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