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By James M. Greenfield;Michael E. Stone;Esther Eshel

The Aramaic Levi record is a suite of bigger and smaller fragments pointed out in Aramaic, Greek and Syriac. the invention of Aramaic fragments between at Qumran proven its antiquity and it truly is now thought of to be one of many oldest Jewish works outdoors the Hebrew Bible. It offers remarkable principles in regards to the priesthood, sacrifice, knowledge and beliefs of piety. Greenfield, Stone and Eshel, each one professional of their box, have for the 1st time awarded this paintings as a unmarried coherent complete (as some distance because the fragments allow). in addition to the unique texts, they've got translated the ebook into English and written an in depth and unique observation in addition to an advent. Indexes, Concordances of Greek and Aramaic phrases whole the research. This publication will flow the examine of this pivotal rfile to a brand new point.

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Example text

It might conceivably have belonged to the pool of Jewish traditions upon which the author/redactor of TPatriarchs drew. It is certainly not a source of TPJudah and there is no reason to entitle it Testament of Judah. 104 However, this identification is also problematic. It is an address to the speaker’s children, ybybj yl wt[yxa . ] ynb w[mOç “Listen my sons . . pay attention my beloved”. In ALD very similar language precedes a wisdom hymn. Thus, the hortative opening is not necessarily part of a testament.

4:8). In 4QLevia the qal infinitive πlaml preserves the radical aleph (13:7), but in the same manuscript one can also find the form att without the aleph (4QLevia frag. 4:7). Finally, the Qumran manuscripts add some unique lexicographical items, such as the nouns wfyç (13:5), hrmfm (13:13) and the verb lòòjm (13:7) in 4QLevia; hysj and lbj + μç (4QLevib frags. , hmyç 13:10 (4QLevia) and ˆyaygç 13:9 (4QLevia, changed to amys and ˆyaygs in the Geniza as expected). In one instance, the reverse 85 Frags.

4QTestament of Qahat and 4QVisions of Amram might have been written on the pattern of ALD to legitimate the continuity of the priestly line and its teaching. 123 4Q540 is composed of three fragments, only one of which is sizeable, while 4Q541, comprises 24 fragments, some quite large, but none of which overlaps with 4Q540. Thus it would be wiser to speak of two distinct texts. The remains of 4Q540 speak of a period of stress and poverty, in which a figure will come, different from others. He will then leave the house where he was born; a temple is later mentioned.

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