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By Gene Sharp

As coups are one of many fundamental methods wherein dictatorships are put in, this piece info measures that civilians, civil society, and governments can take to avoid and block coups d'état and government usurpations. It additionally comprises particular legislative steps and different measures that governments and non-governmental associations can stick with to organize for anti-coup resistance.

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Waging Nonviolent Struggle: Twentieth Century Practice and Twenty-First Century Potential. Forthcoming. For more detailed discussions of civilian-based defense strategy, see Gene Sharp, Civilian-Based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1990), pp. : Ballinger Books, 1986), pp. 88-118, (London: Taylor & Francis, 1985), pp. S. : Stackpole Books, 1968) pp. 215-251. Other sources are cited in Sharp, Making Europe Unconquerable (Ballinger edition), pp.

The judiciary would declare the putschists and their helpers an illegal and unconstitutional body. The courts would continue to operate on the basis of pre-invasion laws and constitution. They would refuse to give moral, legal, and repressive assistance to the attackers, even if they had to close the courts. Order would then be maintained by social pressures, solidarity, and nonviolent sanctions; underground courts and independent arbiters could be used. The putschists should be met with a blanket refusal by the government bureaucracy and civil servants to carry out their instructions, as occurred in the resistance to the Kapp Putsch.

Where the dangers to such persons would be great, they might take various types of evasive action or disappear into the general population rather than support the anti-constitutional usurpation. In some past cases, resisters to government oppression have actively attempted to befriend troops under hostile command to induce them to be mild in their repression or even to join in the democratic resistance. At times such efforts have succeeded. Resisters to coups need to be aware of such options and prepared to apply them.

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