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By Fritz Leiber

An unique novel in response to Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan personality.

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Tarzan countered with, "Do you think most people would notice that we're being followed? " Antonio asked blankly. " Tires squealing, the Morris swerved into a large dark service station. Speeding between four locked pumps and a barred-off service area, it entered a large, flat, asphalted circular space entirely surrounded by a high fence of heavy woven wire. A gate of the same material stood wide open where they had entered. A cut length of chain dangled from it. Tarzan thought—irrationally perhaps—arena!

I will tell you what happened to one, a Monica Montressor. Probably sensing the danger of letting Vinaro remain her protector, she caused a. young cotton magnate to become infatuated with her to the extent of proposing marriage. She left Vinaro's entourage and established herself in a closely guarded apartment in the best section of Recife—old Pernambuco. On the eve of her marriage a young mulatto woman, dressed as a high-grade servant, visited her, delivering a small package. This woman has never been traced.

Ha! Once again the gallant compliments—when it is safe for you to make them. " Suddenly her grinning little face grew grave. " "I will," Tarzan assured her. "And thanks a lot, Jovanna. " The little face was now a mask. Tarzan walked down the aluminum steps feeling oddly happy. Jane, he thought, would like Jovanna with her good-humored teasing. He remembered something he had once read about Brazilians being "an indolent people…softened by tropical breezes, lazy servants, and their vast country's natural wealth…" Well, they certainly were an amiable people, though some of them were energetic enough, like Jovanna—or, for that matter, this dark, smiling fellow with the chauffeur's cap who had suddenly appeared at the foot of the aluminum stairs.

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