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By Speltz Alexander, O'Conor David, Spiers Richard Phene

Богато иллюстрированная энциклопедия стилей орнамента 1949 года.

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9. „ 10. „ 11. „ 12. „ 13. „ 14. t9 Turned papyrus-capital of a column with closed flower, at Karnac, dating from the later Egyptian Kingdon^ (Prisse). Decoration of a figured dish in the British Museum (Borchardt). Figured frieze— flowers and buds from the same plant— from the palace of Amenophis' IV. in Tell-el-Ama'rna (Borchardt). Papyrus ornament on a figured dish in the British Museum (Borchardt). Papyrus thicket from the mural fresco of a tomb in Benihasan, dating from the Middle Kingdom (Borchardt).

In that The prehistoric many Egyptian and Assyrian motifs that no doubt can be entertained, that Egypt and Asia Minor exercised a most powerful influence on its early beginnings. That an intercourse existed between these countries is beyond doubt, for, even in prehistoric times, the waters of the Mediterranean were alive with craft trading in all directions. primary stages of development, Greek art in the islands of the Aegean Sea was subject to Oriental influences. The Greek style was developed from In its wooden in structures, the constructive forms, in the stone masonry.

9. „ 10. „ 11, „ 12. „ 13. „ 14. „ 15, „ 17. , 18. „ 20. ,,21. „ 22. 24, „ 25. ,. 26. ). ). Javelin from Cunningham's Bhilsa Topes (Raj). ). 19, and 23. ). ). ). and 16. ). ). Urn for holy water (Raj). ). ). and 27. ). ). and 31. „ 28, 30, „ 29, and 34. „ 32, and 33. ). ). ). ). ). Painting in a grotto at Adochantd (after GrttnwedeJ). C 42 INDIAN ORNAMENT. Plate 16. GREEK ORNAMENT. t has been clearly and defini- tely proved, both from disco- veries made in excavations, as well as from certain significant statements made by Homer himself, prehistoric times tres of art and Grecian Women at home (Gerhardt, auserlesene Vasenbilder).

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