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By Paul Curtis

Stesichoross Geryoneis is among the gem stones of the sixth century. This monograph bargains the 1st full-length observation (in English) to hide all elements of the Geryoneis. incorporated during this monograph is a much-needed revised and up to date textual content including a whole gear. in addition to targeting the poets utilization of metre and language, a specific emphasis has been given to Stesichoross debt to epic poetry. leading edge too is the idea that the Geryoneis used to be heavily attached with the cult worship Geryon bought within the sixth century. This e-book has an especial attract either these already conversant in lyric and epic poetry, but additionally, it truly is was hoping, these new to Stesichoros.

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Ii. = . ––––––––––– . . ˘[.. ˘˘¯]˘˘¯||| ˘˘ Antistrophe : ˘˘ Antistrophe:   . ¯˘˘¯˘]˘¯¯ . ¯˘˘ ˘˘ ˘˘ .. ˘˘¯... ˘˘¯¯|| . ˘]˘¯˘˘¯ ˘˘ ||] ˘˘¯¯ . . ˘˘¯ ˘˘ |] ¯˘˘ ¯¯¯˘˘¯ .. ˘¯ .. ˘]˘¯˘˘¯||| Bottom of column.  Epode:  . ¯¯˘˘ |¯¯¯. [ ] ˘˘ ¯ ˘˘¯ || ˘˘¯... ˘ ˘¯˘˘¯¯ . [˘˘ ¯¯¯]¯˘˘¯ ˘˘ || ˘˘¯¯ . . ¯˘˘ ˘˘ | ¯˘˘ ¯¯¯˘˘¯ .. ˘¯ . ˘˘¯[˘˘¯||| . ¯˘˘¯˘˘¯ .. ˘˘ ¯˘˘¯˘˘¯˘˘¯[˘˘| ¯¯¯¯˘˘ ¯¯¯¯˘˘¯˘[˘ ¯˘˘ Bottom of column. Page believed that, providing this column length is consistently maintained, the metrical pattern of the first column provides the metrical scheme for the rest of the subsequent columns.

106 For example, she cites a passage in Quintilian (T. ): he is discussing oratory and is concerned with the treatment of subject matter in poetry, and says that Stesichoros’s greatness was derived from his treatment of themes, such as war and the actions of leaders in battle, and so is a rival for Homer, who, like Stesichoros, sang of heroes on the battlefield. This is the reason behind the reference to Homer: not because, like Homer, Stesichoros was a soloist. Cf. ), Stesichoros is seen as the imitator of epic material, and not performance.

Artists, equally conversant with a common oral tradition, were seldom reliant on these bards. They probably drew inspiration from their fellow artists and preserved their own versions of myths, often independent of those performed by rhapsodes. Moreover, it was by no means 58 Vid. p. . Cf. Minoan A with the writing systems of Egypt and the cuneiform of the Hittites and Luwians. g. in Luristan art. Vid. –. 61 Cf. th century Korinthian representations of the Gorgons. Vid. – . 59  introduction the case that epic bards were the main medium for the transmission of oral traditions: if anything, judging by the sources for this era, artists and choral poets were probably the greater contributors to the preservation of Greece’s oral traditions.

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