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By Caglar Keyder

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Allies with the Infidel: The Ottoman and French Alliance in the Sixteenth Century (Library of Ottoman Studies)

In 1543, the Ottoman fleet seemed off the coast of France to bombard and lay siege to the town of great. The operation, lower than the command of Admiral Barbarossa, got here in line with a request from François I of France for the help of Sultan Süleyman the terrific in France’s fight opposed to Charles V, the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain.

Innovation and Empire in Turkey: Sultan Selim III and the Modernisation of the Ottoman Navy

Ottoman naval expertise underwent a change less than the rule of thumb of Sultan Selim III. New sorts of crusing warships comparable to - and three-decked galleons, frigates and corvettes started to dominate the Ottoman fleet, rendering the galley-type oared ships out of date. this era observed technological strategies equivalent to the adoption of the systematic copper sheathing of the hulls and bottoms of Ottoman warships from 1792-93 onwards and the development of the 1st dry dock within the Golden Horn.

Historical Dictionary of Turkey

Turkey is either an previous and a brand new state. whereas the Turks were dwelling in Anatolia for the final millennium, the rustic has passed through vast Westernization because the finish of the 18th century. even though, relating to Turkey, culture has now not arrested modernization; particularly, the conventional has tailored itself to the trendy.

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The historical past of Jerusalem as generally depicted is the essential historical past of clash and strife, of ethnic stress, and of incompatible nationwide narratives and visions. it's also a historical past of dramatic alterations and moments, essentially the most radical ones being the alternative of the Ottoman regime with British rule in December 1917.

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He could not quite make out where, if to anyone other than himself, Ali’s loyalties lay. He owed the effectiveness of his control of the Epirus round Yannina to the restraint he imposed on his followers; he could be as rapacious as he liked but their greed was to be  02_Ottomania_019-030 15/1/10 10:05 Page 27 THE SULTAN IN HIS SERAGLIO moderated. He did not hesitate to cultivate the Orthodox hierarchy as his allies in extorting cash and supplies from the Christian faithful. Despite his pretence to be a Greek among the Greeks, he had a very Turkish view of the nation.

She in her turn was the head of a household of as many as 300 women: wives, domestic servants and concubines. Later there was to be the creole beauty Aimée Dubucq de Rivéry, a cousin of Napoleon’s first wife, Joséphine de Beauharnais, who was captured by Algerian corsairs and donated by the Bey as a diplomatic sweetener to the Sultan, Abdul Hamid I. Widely believed to be the mother of his successor Mahmud II (hammer of the Janissaries and would-be moderniser of that same empire from 1808 to 1839), Aimée was said to have influenced Ottoman policy in favour of France, despite Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt.

The Entertainments might cast a genial light on the world of faery but the eastern world had long been seen as the home of necromancy and magic, through which the spirits of the demonic world, over which presided the satanic figure of Eblis, could be evoked. There was scarcely an oriental tale that did not figure a sorcerer, or a djinn, or a slave with a magic talisman. 1 (Byron, Don Juan)  this popular image of the Sultan in his seraglio based? The canny Venetians, who sent sharp-eyed men to represent their interests at the court of the Grand Signor, had known better for two centuries, and much of the information upon which the West had constructed its image of the Ottomans came from them.

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