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By Roland Hulstrom

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S. • Climatological Summaries Monthly and Annual (NCDC, 1 983), • Climatography o/ the United States (NCDC, 1 983), • Climatic Atlas o/ The United States ( 1968) (NCDC, 1 968), and • Monthly Weather Review. 33 The Monthly Weather Review was initially published by NWS, and their first insolation measurements were published here. More recently, this has become a publication of the American Meteorological Society. Obtain from the NCDC. 9 Publications by State and Regional Groups A number of publica­ tions of insolation data measurements by different groups exist.

This document is folio size 22" x 1 6", which makes it difficult to use. All the information in this could be easily printed in an 8" x 1 0" format which would be much easier to use and to store. Table 2 . 1 1 lists the contents. 4 are examples of maps of the direct normal and global insolation on a south-facing surface. S. Government Print­ ing Office/Washington, DC 20402. Quarterly Maps of Insolation Quarterly average values of in­ solation were prepared for a number of different surfaces, both fixed and tracking by Boes et al.

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