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By Gladys R. Davidson, Dorothy Burr Thompson

The diversity of fabric discarded by way of electorate attending the Athenian meeting at the Pnyx hill is not often extraordinary for its artwork historic curiosity. in spite of the fact that, this catalogue of alternative varieties of gadgets discovered in the course of excavations among 1931 and 1937 offers attention-grabbing insights into the social historical past of town, specifically ca. 425-325 B.C. whilst use of the Pnyx was once at its peak. of every classification of item is preceded by means of a quick introductory essay. The ebook comprises dialogue of inscriptions, Dikasts' name-plates, cash, weights, graffiti and dipinti, sculpture, lamps, loomweights, spindle whorls, implements, fittings and molds, jewellery, seal impressions, votive items, glass, and collectible figurines.

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54 SMALL OBJECTS FROM THE PNYX: I 52 (L 13). Figs. 19, 22. 039 In. Part of body broken off. Lustrous black glaze all over, except in groove which contains miltos. Curving sides; single deep groove around rim. Pierced knob on left shoulder. 53 (L 3). Fig. 22. 042 m. Nozzle chipped. Poor black glaze all over except in grooves around rim. Curved sides; two deep grooves around rim, and groove around the base. Pierced knob on left shoulder. 38 : 54 19, 22. rim. around sunken, (L38). Figs. convex Fig.

Black-glazed. Inscribed around(l thi outside: [----]ov Etp &Kalto?. For the shape cf. Olynthus, Part V. no. 1042. For the interesting adverb 3tKatowsI know no ready parallel, but its presence on this insignificant saucer (note also the vehemence with which the words were inscribed) miay have been the result of a childish quarrel. One si(le missing. So:']. This name is mentioned in various fourth-century inscriptions. See Kirchner, Prosopographia Attica, no. 14539. 4 (G 83). Lid. Fig. 15. 043 m.

13), are of Attic clay, and are covered with black or red-black glaze (often marred in firing) both inside and out, except Nos. 11 and 14, which are glazed only on the interior, and No. 22, which has a reserved space behind the nozzle. In shape and size the lamps of this type form a fairly uniform group. The profile is invariably that of Broneer's second variety,21though not all the lamps have the U-shaped bar-handle, and other irregularities of shape are apparent. No. 12, for example, might be regarded as transitional between the first and second varieties of 18See note 3, supra, p.

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