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  • March 29, 2017
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By Laura Childs

Indigo Tea store proprietor Theodosia Browning is eventually invited to a social occasion that she does not need to cater-but difficulty is brewing on the engagement soiree of the season...

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She wouldn’t leave him, wouldn’t even take a sedative when one of the doctors offered it. ” asked Drayton. “Yes,” said Delaine. “Cooper Hobcaw called and spoke with them first. He’s not as . . close . . to this tragedy as we are, so he was able to maintain a certain calm and deco­ rum. ” Delaine fumbled in her purse for a handkerchief, unfurled it, blew her nose loudly. “We’re all just so sad. Camille is planning to ac­ 30 Laura Childs company Captain Buchanan’s body back to Savannah later today.

Yes, I think so . ” rasped Timothy, “. . just let me catch my . ” Theodosia whirled about and threw herself down next to Jory Davis. He had once again taken up his position next to the fallen security guard and had bunched up his jacket and put it under the poor man’s head. A woman whom Theodosia recognized as Dr. Lucy Cornwall, Earl Grey’s veterinarian, was administering CPR to the downed secu­ rity guard, while Jory Davis continued to monitor the man’s pulse. “There’s something wrong with Timothy,” Theodosia told them in a rush.

She wiggled her fingers, gesturing for Haley to come in. “Delaine’s here,” Haley told her. ” asked Theodosia. “Sniffly. Subdued,” said Haley. ” “You’re a real trooper for coming in,” Theodosia told her. ” “That’s okay,” said Haley. “I feel better now. ” Haley shook her head as if to clear it. “Strangely enough, Delaine is dressed to the nines. Anyone else would have thrown on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. ” “She probably just came from her store,” said Theo­ dosia. ” Delaine’s store, Cotton Duck, was just down the block from Theodosia’s tea shop.

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