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By Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo breaks new floor in studying the traditional Vedas. His deeperinsight into this got here from his personal religious practices for which he came across shiny allegorical descriptions within the Vedas. The hidden that means of the rig Veda isrevealed with various translations and remark. Many were at a loss for words bythe reverence accorded to the Vedas after they learn prior commentaries ortranslations. Sri Aurobindo was once in a position to discover the secret of the doublemeanings, the interior mental and yogic importance and practices and theconsistent, transparent experience introduced by way of this mental view of the Vedic hymns.Finally, the real internal that means of the Veda and its relevance to the seekingafter self-realization and enlightenment is printed.

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There is no reliable indication of any racial difference. It is always possible that the bulk of the peoples now inhabiting India may have been the descendants of a new race from more northern latitudes, even perhaps, as argued by Mr. Tilak, from the Arctic regions; but there is nothing in the Veda, as there is nothing in the present ethnological features2 of the country to prove that this descent took place near to the time of the Vedic hymns or was the slow penetration of a small body of fair-skinned barbarians into a civilised Dravidian peninsula.

And the importance of this element increased in my eyes when I found, first, that the mantras of the Veda illuminated with a clear and exact light psychological experiences of my own for which I had found no sufficient explanation either in European psychology or in the teachings of Yoga or of Vedanta, so far as I was acquainted with them, and, secondly, that they shed light on obscure passages and ideas of the Upanishads to which, previously, I could attach no exact meaning and gave at the same time a new sense to much in the Puranas.

In the Veda also we have three supreme worlds whose names are not given. But in the Vedantic and Puranic system the seven worlds correspond to seven psychological principles or forms of existence, Sat, Chit, Ananda, Vijnana, Manas, Prana and Anna. Now Vijnana, the central principle, the principle of Mahas, the great world, is the Truth of things, identical with the Vedic Ritam which is the principle of Brihat, the Vast, and while in the Puranic system Mahas is followed in the ascending order by Jana, the world of Ananda, of the divine Bliss, in the Veda also Ritam, the Truth, leads upward to Mayas, Bliss.

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