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By William Hayes Ward

This booklet is a facsimile reprint and will comprise imperfections equivalent to marks, notations, marginalia and unsuitable pages.

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424, note. In this case Ouseley is right. It is a figure of the goddess Aa, which is furnished with a short beard; beards are almost always long. But later and more accomplished scholars have made the same mistake. t The authenticity of this cylinder was much doubted, but a letter from Mr. C. D. Cobham, in the London Athenaeum of August 24, 1889, vouches, against Menant, that it is the same cylinder which Ker Porter saw at Baghdad in I818, and which remained in Dr. Hine's possession until his death, in 1859, at the age of 82.

To these he adds hematite, beryl, garnet, and corundum, which are found not engraved. After the Greek times the onyx (or nicolo) and the olivine (peridot, modern chrysolite) appear, and the beryl is rare before Graeco-Roman times. -These are much the same that were known to the Greeks before Theophrastus, 300 B. C. Nearly all the stones used for engraving in Egypt are also found in the cylinders. The excep- 6 SEAL CYLINDERS OF WESTERN ASIA. tions would be (rarely if ever found) turquoise and red feldspar.

827. I have said that it was probably the shape of the clay tablet that gave its shape to the seal. But it has been seductively suggested (C. W. King, "Handbook of Engraved Gems," p. 4) that the original seal, in the rudest times, was the joint of a reed from the swamps. The lower joints are not far from the size and shape of the early concave seals. It would have been easy to make a seal out of one of these joints by cutting any desired coarse device on the surface. The reed would itself supply the hole for suspension.

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