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By Michael R. Matthews (auth.), Prof. Dr. Michael R. Matthews (eds.)

Science, Worldviews and Education is a vital and well timed subject as many nationwide and provincial schooling professionals are requiring that scholars know about the character of technological know-how (NOS), and they know about the wider historic and cultural contexts of technology and its perform.

Such themes supply upward thrust to questions on technological know-how and worldviews: what's a worldview? Does technology have a worldview? Are there particular ontological, epistemological and moral must haves for the behavior of technological know-how? How can clinical worldviews be reconciled with doubtless discordant spiritual and cultural worldviews?

Questions approximately technological know-how and worldviews have had an extended historical past. The Galilean revolution, the Darwinian revolution, and the Einsteinian revolution have been all linked to profound cultural, spiritual and philosophical modifications and debates. the ecu Enlightenment used to be the 1st such significant impact.

Globalisation and the science-based industrialization of many non-Western societies, with their very own non secular traditions and worldviews, make pressing the certainty of technology and its inter-relation with worldviews, and for the advance of educated and applicable technological know-how schooling.

Contributors to this anthology contain scientists, philosophers, theologians, and educators. all of them percentage the conviction that technological know-how schooling has to advertise a richer knowing of technology and its kinfolk with tradition, faith, philosophy, and eventually the worldview of students.

What is a systematic worldview? How does it vary from different worldviews? Is it attainable to be expert in technology but lack a systematic worldview? Can technological know-how thrive in a society the place any such worldview is missing? those questions and extra are mentioned intensive by way of a unique team of scientists, philosophers, educators and theologians during this uniquely useful volume.

Albert H. Teich, Director, technological know-how & coverage courses, American organization for the development of technology, USA

This broad ranging choice of essays is a superb solution to input the too usually ignored territory of ways technology and technological know-how schooling relate to greater socio-cultural global views.

Peter Machamer, division of historical past and Philosophy of technological know-how, college of Pittsburgh, USA

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