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By Carolyn G. Hart

Whilst a bloodstained and determined guy breaks into her holiday cabin, Henrie O poses as his aunt and trips to Tennessee to examine a town's murderous mystery. through the writer of Dead Man's Island. 25,000 first printing. $25,000 ad/promo. travel.

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He gave me a shamefaced look. "And I'm sorry I scared you. I didn't mean to. Truly, I didn't know you were here. I'm Craig. " He lifted a slender, well-manicured hand to massage his temple. The emerald in a thick yellow-gold ring glittered like putting-green grass on a sunny day. The bloodstain ran from just above the cuff to his elbow. He followed my glance. There are many kinds of silence. Companionable. Hostile. Angry. Shamed. Defeated. And frightened. His handsome face crumpled, a mixture of horror and pain and disbelief.

They didn't have an order. I thought there was maybe a mixup. " His eyes brightened. "Listen, they'll remember that at the deli, won't they? Patty Kay must have already-" He broke off. Because he didn't want to remember? Or did he remember only too well? " "Well, I had them fix up a fruit basket. " This fellow didn't want to face his wife without a basket of fruit. Not if she wanted a basket of fruit. It was further proof of the power Patty Kay exercised over him. I could imagine the cold, jaundiced eyes of a cop listening to this.

And saw me. I didn't hesitate. " I held up my hand. Imperiously, if you will. And strode quickly toward her. She stood frozen, her face impassive, her arms curved tight as steel bands around that small, helpless bundle. With every step I took, I became more certain of my suspicions. I'll never forget looking into her eyes, dull green eyes flecked with amber and despair. Straggling light hair, darker at the roots, framed a gaunt, hollow-cheeked face. Her mouth was slack, loose, straight lips that had long ago forgotten how to smile.

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