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By Vanessa Ochs

Lessons and rituals from the ladies of the Bible, connecting modern ladies with their sacred stories

In this shiny assortment, Judaic student Vanessa Ochs brings the legends of the biblical matriarchs to new existence. Intimate, regular, and clever, the heroines in Sarah Laughed are published to be inspiring function versions for girls at the present time. From Eve's rebellious flavor of knowledge to the righteous anger of Job's spouse, each one woman's tale is retold in inventive prose and followed through real-life rituals so you might practice at domestic, gaining perception into:

  • Finding internal knowledge
  • Speaking the genuine self
  • Being a great pal
  • Maintaining romantic partnerships
  • Raising a family members
  • Letting move of kids
  • Feeling blessed with a existence good lived
  • And even more

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Example text

The movement slowed, and in the growing stillness of all their bodies, they could hear the same voice Miriam had heard throughout the crossing, a voice that would echo among them until the promise of a new, safe home was fulfilled: You will be safe. You will be free. You will have a home. You will celebrate. You will never forget. You will be grateful always. You will live each day in holiness. You will tell this story to your children, who will tell it as their own. Miriam spied a spring of fresh water not far off.

Pack a timbrel when we are struggling to fit the memories and trappings of a lifetime into one basket? ” Had anyone else instructed them to pack timbrels, they would have ignored her. But Miriam could push others toward her enticing vision. She could lead them to consider the sparkling possibilities she embraced, no matter how outlandish. She painted a picture of the rich and holy culture they would build together, one their great-grandchildren would see as a most precious heritage. She persuaded them they could sustain the vision by working together.

Before stopping to rest, before pausing to begin to absorb the shock of their miraculous rescue, Miriam put down the pack she had strapped on her shoulders and took out the timbrel she had carried with her out of Egypt, and inspected it. Though it had gotten damp, the goat skin had remained taut and the small bells she had wound around the wooden frame years ago still rang clearly. With each step she had taken toward freedom, she had heard the bells jangling softly in her pack. They served as accompaniment to the voice of assurance Miriam heard: You You You You You You You will will will will will will will be safe.

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