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By Christian Kharif, Efim Pelinovsky, Alexey Slunyaev

The e-book is written for experts within the fields of fluid mechanics, utilized arithmetic, nonlinear physics, actual oceanography and geophysics, and in addition for college students studying those matters. It incorporates a wide selection of observational facts on rogue (or freak) waves within the seas and coastal waters, in addition to featuring a simple statistical description of maximum water waves. The booklet describes the fashionable methods, together with theoretical and numerical versions utilized to give an explanation for the actual starting place of such anomalous waves at the sea floor, considering wind stream above waves and likewise variable bathymetry and currents. except those analytical and numerical methods, laboratory experiments and in-situ observations are stated too.

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The suggested spectral shapes usually have the general form S (Ω) = C1 Ω−p exp −C2 Ω−q . 74. It was proposed for a fully developed sea, when the wave phase speed is equal to the wind speed. It is controlled by a single parameter, which is the wind speed. 09, if Ω > Ωp . 33 . 118) The JONSWAP Spectrum was built on the basis of an extensive wave measurement in the North Sea. This area is very popular in recent studies, owing to its great economical importance and large number of instrumental observations.

The central moment mc2 is a measure of the concentration of the spectral wave energy around the frequency Ω p , which characterizes the spectral width through the dimensionless parameter δΩ = 1 Ωp mc2 . 111) The spectral shape displays the distribution of energy between scales and thus contains information about the physical mechanisms supporting and generating the waves. Concerning wind-generated waves, the energy growth due to the wind action is balanced by the wave interactions—which transfer energy between frequencies— and energy dissipation.

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