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By Dr. Bhimarao Ramji Ambedkar

This ebook is written by way of Dr.Ambedkar, the writer of the structure of India and one of many first Ministers of the loose India. he's a student in Hindu Scriptures and its heritage. This publication primarily provides the contradictions which Dr.Ambedkar feels have been brought through the vested curiosity of Brahminism. Manipulative interpolations of ideas, rules and gods created the current Hinduism.

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There is no appeal against it. This is the theory of the Vedic Brahmins and is accepted by the generality of the Hindus. I On what does this theory rest? The theory rests on the view that the. When the Vedic Brahmins say that the Vedas are Apaurusheya what they mean is that they were not made by man. Not being made by man, they are free from the failings, faults and frailties to which every man is subject and are therefore infallible. 30 RIDDLES IN HINDUISM II It is difficult to understand how such a theory came to be propounded by the Vedic Brahmins.

Oh! ye Indra we pray you to come and drink this Soma—1. 3. 9. Your enemies who do not make any offering to you may disappear and let your followers who do prosper. Oh ! —1. 4. 10. Oh! —1. 15. 11. Oh! Indra, you are a hero. Come and drink the Soma we have prepared and be ready to give us wealth. Loot the wealth of those who do not make you any offering and give the same to us—1. 81-8-9. 12. Oh! —I. 84-4. 13. Oh ! Adityas, you come to give us your blessings. You give us victory in war. You are wealthy.

Vi, 83. Charm for curing scrofulous sores called apakit. vii, 76. A. Charm for curing scrofulous sores called apakit. B. Charm for curing tumours called gayana. C. Stanza sung at the mid-day pressure of Soma. vii, 74. A. Charm for curing scrofulous sores called apakit. B. Charm to appease jealousy. C. Pra yer to Agni, the lord of vows. vi, 25. Charm against scrofulous sores upon neck and shoulders. vi, 57. Urine (galasha) as a cure for scrofulous. iv, 12. Charm with the plant arundhati (laksha) for the cure of fractures.

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