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By Dr. George W. Ware

Reports of Environmental illness and Toxicology makes an attempt to supply concise, severe experiences of well timed advances, philosophy, and critical parts of entire or wanted undertaking within the overall box of xenobiotics in any phase of our environment, in addition to toxicological implications.

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Agricultural University of Szczecin (2000) Atlas of climatical risk of plants’ cultivation in Poland Agricultural University of Szczecin (in Polish). Part II Agroclimatic yieldforming factors. 21–30. Biziuk M (2001) Determination of selected anthropogenic compounds in Southern Baltic Anal Lett 34 9:1517–1528. Biziuk M, Zasławska L, Namies´nik J, Pacyna J (2001) Contamination of water in the southern Baltic Sea by heavy metals. Chem Inz˙ Ekol 8:787–791. Blachowiak-Samolyk K, Opiola R (2001) Changes of the mesozooplankton in the southern Baltic Sea from 1994 to 1998.

Generally, a decreasing tendency of PCB concentration in seawater of the Gulf of Gdan´sk has been noted. According to data from national monitoring programs, in fish (herring and cod) and the eggs of guillemot (a seabird) in the Baltic Sea area, levels of PCBs have in recent years decreased significantly. However, although the concentrations of PCBs in living organisms in the Baltic Sea are clearly decreasing, they are still unacceptably high. The input of PCBs leaching from land and from sediments will continue in this area, and it has also been demonstrated that airborne PCBs account for a considerable portion of the total PCB load in the Baltic today.

2001). Aqueous preparations were sprayed on bees using a CO2 pressurized microsprayer. 45 mL of water. 8 µg/bee, respectively) for the honeybee, alfalfa leafcutter bee, and alkali bee, respectively. /bee, respectively. Acute Oral Toxicity The oral toxicity of spinosad to bees has also been investigated. 11 µg product/bee (Halsall and Grey 1998a,b). /bee, respectively (Aldershof 1999b). These data 42 Table 1. Acute contact and oral tests with bees. /bee) Toxicity classification Reference Highly toxic Hoxter et al.

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