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Now they have found a mysterious pile of gold. They ______________________________________________________ should know better than to touch it, but they don’t. The gold ______________________________________________________ will help them find Death. i28 28 Reading Check Predict Have students make a two-column chart in which they record and interpret clues from the poem about death. To help them get started, draw a chart on the board: Model In the first column of my chart, I think I’ll list the serving boy’s warning that death is everywhere.

Underline words on this page that link good people, good places, and good deeds with things that shine. ” If something is golden, it shines. Have students underline the words on their own. 11 2/20/08 7:48:50 PM from Beowulf 11 from Beowulf from Beowulf 215 Interactive Question-Response 220 225 Literary Element Conflict If students have difficulty, point out the relevant lines, 230–237, and read them aloud. Ask: What brave deeds has Beowulf done in the past? (killed enemies, chased away giants, killed sea monsters) Literary Element Conflict Reread lines 230–237.

Grendel’s attacks) 170 Vocabulary 175 afflict (ə fliktʼ) v. to cause great suffering and pain to 180 Literary Element Conflict In lines 173–181, Beowulf says Hrothgar has two choices. What are they? Write your answer on the lines below. 185 Possible answer: Hrothgar can _______________________________ accept Beowulf’s help or he _______________________________ 190 can continue to be attacked by _______________________________ Grendel. _______________________________ _______________________________ 195 Their leader answered him, Beowulf unlocking Words from deep in his breast: “We are Geats, Men who follow Higlac.

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