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By Beverly Cleary


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Her father was often tired, in a hurry, or studying on the dining-room table, which meant no one could disturb him by watching television. Whaley. Liking a teacher was important, Ramona had discovered when she was in the first grade. And even though her family understood, Ramona still dreaded that part of the day spent at Howie’s house in the company of Mrs. Kemp and Willa Jean. Those were the bad parts of the third grade. There were good parts, too. Ramona 29 enjoyed riding the bus to school, and she enjoyed keeping Yard Ape from getting the best of her.

Yelped Ramona, when she dipped her head into the washbasin. ” “It’s probably a good thing we don’t have warmer water,” said Mrs. Larson. ” She rubbed and Ramona snuffled. She rinsed and Ramona sniffed. Finally Mrs. Larson said, “That’s the best I can do,” and handed Ramona a wad of paper towels. “Dry yourself off the best you can,” she said. ” Ramona accepted the towels. As she sat on the cot, rubbing and blotting and seething in humiliation and anger, she listened to sounds from the office, the click of the typewriter, the ring of the telephone, Mrs.

Chorused the rest of the class. Ramona felt silly. She should have thought of that herself. When time came for everyone to Drop Everything And Read, she sat quietly doing her Sustained Silent Reading. How peaceful it was to be left alone in school. She could read without trying to hide her book under her desk or behind a bigger book. She was not expected to write lists of words she did not know, so she could figure them out by skipping and guessing. Whaley did not expect the class to write summaries of what they read either, so she did not have to choose easy books to make sure she would get her summary right.

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