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By Lise G. Heding (auth.)

THE DISCOVERY OF INSULIN, C-PEPTIDE AND PROINSULlN, SPECIES ameliorations Crude insulin was once extracted and remoted from puppy pancreases got rid of 7-1 ° weeks after ligation of the pancreatic duct for the 1st time in 1921 via Banting and most sensible. Its lifesaving homes have been consequently documented in pancreatectomized canine in 1922. basically approximately six months elapsed from its discovery until eventually systematic selection of calf and ox pancreases and, later, porcine pancreases was once verified and the blood glucose decreasing influence in diabetics utilizing the crude extract from those glands confirmed. It used to be now not till 1960, in spite of the fact that, that the first constitution of all 3 species of insulin, lO7 human, porcine and bovine, used to be elucidated . It then grew to become obtrusive that the variations among bovine, porcine and human insulin amounted to at mosl three amino acids. those it sounds as if small ameliorations have an important influence at the physico-chemical features of the 3 insulins which back have an effect on, e.g., the speed of absorption of insulin lO9 arrangements from the subcutaneous tissue and their immunogenicity, i.e.

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Rockford: Pierce Chemical Company, 1981:729-38. Garcia-Webb P, Bottomley S, Bonser AM. Instability of C-peptide reactivity in plasma and serum stored at - 20T. Clin Chim Acta 1983; 129: 103-6. Gerbitz KD, Kemmler W, Edelmann A, Summer J, Mehnert H, Wieland OH. Free insulin, bound insulin, C-peptide and the metabolic control in juvenile onset diabetics: Comparison of C-peptide secretors and non-secretors during 24 hours conventional insulin therapy. Eur J Clin Invest 1979;9:475-83. Given BD, Cohen RM, Shoelson SE, Frank BH, Rubenstein AH, Tager HS.

Human b-component was obtained by gelfiltration of first crystals of human insulin on Sephadex G-50. 140 ng of purified human proinsulin was obtained from Dr. Steiner, Chicago. Bovine and porcine C-peptides were isolated and purified according to Sundby and Markussen (1970). 0 with pyridine. 7 with acetic acid. 8, while intact C- 43 peptide could first be eluted by changing the eluent to I M formic acid. The materials were isolated by freezedrying. Synthetic human C-peptide for standard solutions was obtained from Dr.

66 26. 9. 66 15. 10. 66 24. 66 26. 66 14. 10. 66 31. 10. 66 14. to. 66 6. 66 14. 66 21. 66 5. 67 16. 5. B. W. H. W. M. a 1950 2625 1915 2550 1540 1452 1500 1128 1074 1120 224 190 233 346 214 2212 1700 23 43 280 380 352 318 312 54 94 61 35150 50700 Daily insulin dose LU. Lente 44 50 46 46 46 to concentrate in foam may completely invalidate the results. Variation in the protein concentration will influence most of the separation techniques used in radioimmunoassay. Thus, the binding of free "'I-insulin to cellulose, ion-exchangers, charcoal and similar substances is dinlinished at higher albumin concentrations.

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