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54), we can express this contribution in a form given by Eq. 53) with a different kernel K(n,m) . 45 The contribution from Fig. 4b can be written M −M n−1 n−1 M d kj− −M j=1 × Sa′′i ai ... ain b c 1 π d kj− (Fig. 4b) = (ki− , ki−1 , . . , ki−nπ ; ki+ π j=1 = 0, ki+1 dD k (2π)D = 0, . . , ki+nπ = 0; ki ⊥ , ki1 ⊥ , . . , kinπ ⊥ ; k, l; q, η) (nπ¯ +2) a¯i1 ... a¯in b c × JA k¯i−1 , . . , k¯i−n ; k¯i+1 = 0, . . , k¯i+n = 0; π ¯ π ¯ π ¯ k¯i1 ⊥ , . . , k¯inπ¯ ⊥ ; k, l; pA , q, η . 55) The flow of momenta k and l is exhibited in Fig.

34) as well as of the circled vertex is given in Fig. 2. The dashed lines in Fig. 4 represent ghosts, and these are also given in Fig. 4. The four vectors η, given in Eq. 35) appearing in Eq. m. frame, Eq. 2). 36) for later reference. In Fig. 4, we sum over all external gluons. This is indicated by the sum over i. In addition, we sum over all possible insertions of external soft gluons {i1 , . . , inπ } ∈ {1, . . , n}\{i}. This summation is denoted by the symbol π. We note that at lowest order, with only a gluon i attached to the vertical blob in Fig.

Kn (p1 , . . , pm ), and the Lorentz and color indices of the soft gluons attached to the jet A (B), µ1 , . . , µn ; a1 , . . , an (ν1 , . . , νm ; b1 , . . , bm ). The momenta of the soft gluons attached to the jets n i=1 A and B satisfy the constraints ki = q and m j=1 pj = q. According to the results of the power counting, the soft gluons couple to jet A via the minus components of their polarizations, and to jet B via the plus components of their polarizations. Therefore, only the following components survive in the leading power approximation n (n) a ...

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