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By David W. McAlpin

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These secondary groups are labeled with an m , i . e . , 1m, IIm, IIIm. The verb, like the pronouns, marks three persons and two numbers. The plural forms are used only with reference to humans, which means that neuters al­ ways use the third person singular. No clear examples of second person plural forms exist for any group. Thus, all of the verb proper consists of six groups, each with five endings, for a possible thirty forms. The forms which are actually attested are given in table 2 . 3 .

Only the V n series had all four vowels, and only Vk had three. The selection of the VC signs that remained in use seems to have depended on their use in writing initial vowels. In broken writing the iluC signs effectively equaled a consonant without any vowel. Thus, fas could be written DA-IS, DA-AS, or TAS. 2 From the nature of the mixture of signs that were borrowed from Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform, it is clear that Elamite did not have a voicing contrast or a series of emphatic consonants. Usually, only one sign from a voiced-nonvoiced pair had been selected at random.

Are the traditional morpheme boundaries in Elamite studies. (7) - § '" ... > ..... " (10) § ..... > '" ..... I<: CO 'tl ..... I CO e I

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