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By Vivian Yuan-Hen Ho Hook

215 pages, 34 figures, 20 tables, hardcover this article is designed to supply the reader with an realizing of present wisdom touching on proteases thinking about prohormone processing, and mobile points that has to be thought of for correct processing, garage, and secretion of bioactive peptides. mobile points of the concentrating on and activation of peptide hormones within the secretory pathway are mentioned within the first chapters. the following chapters (chapters 2-6) speak about the endoproteases which are desirous about prohormone processing, together with the subtilisin/kexin of prohormone convertases, a unique cysteine protease referred to as prohormone thiol protease (PTP), and an aspartyl protease that has been termed POMC changing enzyme (PCE). next to the activities of endoproteases, carboxypeptidase and aminopeptidase enzymes (chapter 7) that eliminate uncomplicated amino acids from the COOH- and NH2-termini of peptide intermediates are wanted. furthermore, fresh molecular genetic experiences illustrate the position of prohormone conv! ertases 1 and a pair of, in addition to the carboxypeptidase E/H, processing enzymes in weight problems and prerequisites relating to diabetes. legislation of processing proteases by way of the 7B2 polypeptide as a chaperone and inhibitor is gifted, in addition to a possible function for a relatives of a1-antichymotrypsin protease inhibitors. next to secretion, extracellular proteolysis of neuropeptides and peptide activation of particular receptors is mentioned.

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