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By Michael G. Roth (Eds.)

Severely acclaimed for greater than 25 years, the equipment in phone Biology sequence presents an vital device for the researcher. every one quantity is thoroughly edited by means of specialists to include cutting-edge experiences and step by step protocols. thoughts are defined thoroughly in order that tools are made obtainable to clients.

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1991). , 1987). Viruses of various other families are assembled at the plasma membranes. In polarized epithelial cells, junctional complexes between adjacent cells divide the plasma membrane into two distinct domains, the apical and the basolateral domains. , 1985), so the site of expression of viral glycoproteins is likely to determine the site of virus assembly. , 1979), the signals for protein targeting are apparently contained in specific amino acid sequences. Modification of the cytoplasmic tail of the influenza HA protein by introduction of a tyrosine residue resulted in redirection of the protein to basolateral membranes (Brewer and Roth, 1991); similar structural features of cytoplasmic domains have been implicated as basolateral targeting signals for several cellular glycoproteins (RodriguezBoulan and Powell, 1992).

3. 5 ml 1 : 1000 dilution of virus stock. Virus stocks usually have a titer of at least 1-5 x lo8 pfu/ml which, when diluted 1 : 1000, gives a titer 1. Viruses as Model Systems in Cell Biology 17 of 1-5 x lo5pfulml. 5 x lo7cells. 05 pfulcell) to avoid problems caused by DI particles (see preceding discussion). 4. Once infected, the cell cultures are returned to the 37°C incubator for 2 hr. During this virus adsorption period, the plates are tilted periodically (every 15 min) to ensure that the virus is distributed uniformly over the culture.

Studies on the mechanism of poliovirus-induced cell damage. I. The relation between poliovirus-induced metabolic and morphological alterations in cultured cells. Virology 26, 100-113. , Pfeiffer, S. , Fuller, S. , and Simons, K. (1984). Development of cell surface polarity in the epithelial Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cell line. EMBO J. 3, 2687-2694. , Franklin, R. , and Callender, J. (1963). Mengovirus-induced inhibition of host ribonucleic acid and protein synthesis. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 76, 425-430.

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