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By Pliny, H. Rackham

Pliny the Elder, tireless researcher and author, is writer of the encyclopedic typical background, in 37 books, an unmatched compendium of Roman wisdom. The contents of the books are as follows. ebook 1: desk of contents of the others and of specialists; 2: mathematical and metrological survey of the universe; 3-6: geography and ethnography of the identified international; 7: anthropology and the body structure of guy; 8-11: zoology; 12-19: botany, agriculture, and horticulture; 20-27: plant items as utilized in drugs; 28-32: clinical zoology; 33-37: minerals (and medicine), the positive arts, and gem stones. The Loeb Classical Library variation of typical historical past is in ten volumes.

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By a slave, not by a fellow freeraan. c. * 40 BOOK XXXIII. XIV. 48-xv. 51 hiinger for gold flared up with a sort of frenzy, as the friend of Gaius Gracchus, Septumuleius, a price having been set on Gracchus's head to the amount of its weight in gold, when Gracchus's head had been cut ofF, brought it to Opimius," after adding to his unnatural murder by putting lead in the mouth of the corpse, and so cheated the state in addition. c. ^ These are the things that the lust for possessions engenders One is ashamed to see the new-fangled names that are invented every now and then from the Greek to denote silver vessels filigreed or inlaid with gold, niceties which make gilded plate fetch a higher price than gold plate, when we know that Spartacus " issued an order to his camp forbidding anybody to possess gold or silver so much more spirit was there then in our run-away slaves The orator Messala has told us that the triumvir Antony used vessels of c.

XXI. 66-69 in the detritus of rivers, for instance in the Po in Italy, the Maritza in Thrace, the Sarabat in Asia Minor and the Ganges in India and there is no gold that is in a more perfect state, as it is thoroughly polished by the mere friction of the current. Another method is by sinking shafts or it is sought for in the fallen debris of mountains. Each of these methods must be described. People seeking for gold begin by getting up segullum^ that is the name for earth that indicates the presence of gold.

On ยง 20. c. PLINY: NATURAL HISTORY Aemilius Paulus Perseo intulit et res p. lociipletior. rege victo e Macedonica praeda [mmm], a quo tempore populus Romanus tributum pendere desiit. Laquearia, quae nunc et in privatis domi- XVIII. 57 bus auro teguntur, post Carthaginem eversam primo Mummi. in Capitolio inaurata sunt censura L. transiere in camaras ipsi tamquam quoque vasa inaurantur, cum inde iam et parietes, qui et varie sua aetas de Catulo existimaverit, quod tegulas aereas Capitoli inaurasset.

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