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By W.B. Henry

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BD 11 άρκεοίλαν D cum sch. 226 Download Date | 1/2/12 11:42 PM 20 II. 20 25 30 PINDARI έν λόγο it δ' άοτών άγαθονοί νιν αϊνεΐοθαι χρεών και μελιγδούποιπ δαιδαλθέντα μελίζεν άοιδαΰ. έκ δέ περικτιόνων έκκαίδεκ' Άριοταγόραν άγλααι νΐκαι πάτραν τ' εϋώνυμον έοτεφάνακαν πάλαι και μεγαυχεΐ παγκρατίωι. έλπίδεε δ' όκνηρότεραι γονέων παιδία βίαν εοχον έν Πυθωνι πειραοθαι καΐ Όλυμπίαι άεθλων. ναι μά γαρ "Ορκον, έμάν δόξαν παρά Καοταλίαι και παρ' εΰδένδρωι μολών δχθωι Κρόνου κάλλιον αν δηριώντων ένόοιηο' αντιπάλων, πενταετηρίδ' έορτάν Ήρακλέοε τέΟμιον κωμάοαιο άvδηcάμεvόc τε κόμαν έν πορφυρεοιο ερνεαν.

14 54-68. The basic story presumed is as follows. Acastus, king of Iolcus, purified Peleus when he had accidentally killed Eurytion. His wife Hippolyta attempted to seduce their guest, and on failing to do so informed her husband that he had made advances towards her. Acastus, hearing this, determined to have Peleus killed. After going hunting with him on Pelion, he left him asleep on the mountain and hid his magic knife, the gift of Hephaestus, so that he could be killed by the Centaurs, but Chiron found the knife and saved him.

70 n. ) gl Ii ie/ ia Λ The stanza falls into three parts, consisting of lines 1-3, 4 - 5 , and 6-8. In the first, each verse begins with awi7: in verses 1 and 3, this is immediately followed by a variation, shorter (1) or longer (3) by one syllable at the start, while in verse 2, it stands by itself. The second part opens with a new colon, gl, paired with its variant, r; then in verse 5, wil is paired with a further variant on gl, tel. Pindar concludes with a variation on this sequence of two pairs of cola, in which the opening cola of the two pairs exchange positions.

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