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By Catherine M. Connors

This booklet investigates the thirty brief poems and lengthy ones that shape a part of Petronius' Satyricon, the oldest surviving paintings of prose fiction within the Western culture. not like basic reviews of Petronius that don't think of the verse in a lot element, and a contemporary statement at the brief poems that treats them in isolation, this booklet provides specified shut readings of those poems of their fictional and literary old contexts. All Latin and Greek is translated.

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Volume II. Thebaid, Books 5-12. Achilleid (Loeb Classical Library)

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4, Panayotakis (1995), Ch. 3 , Bartsch (1994), 1 9 7 - 9 9 . T h e forger N o d o t (1693), 280, seems to perceive this pattern when he inserts the Servian fragment at the end of his version of the Croton episode. Cambridge Books Online © Cambridge University Press, 2009 The wrath of Priapus 31 Three times I snatched up the fearsome axe3 three times, suddenly droopier than a stalk of cabbage, I feared the blade, .... The triple attempt at castration mimics heroic triple attempts to embrace the shades of the beloved dead (Virg.

34 Thus the "stain" made by saffron is a sign of luxury, far more pleasant in some ways than Priapus' usual stains. In effect, the figure of the saffron-spewing pastry Priapus is, like the tale of Corinthian bronze, an emblem of the Satyricon's refashioning of its epic models: its threats and transgressions are designed to delight, not to destroy. The Priapus motifs discussed so far have been broadly thematic, but some of Petronius' "Priapic" attacks on epic also fragment and refashion individual epic lines into new obscene fictions.

126), it is the entrance into the "underworld" that is a difficult maze. 47 Barclay's Hypogaea 45 46 47 source, and they seem to have been drawn from most of the Petronian episodes available to Barclay (before the rediscovery and publication of the manuscript containing most of the cena); cf. the remarks of Walsh (1970), 2 3 9 - 4 0 . Collignon (1901) assembles a group of parallel passages; the notes of Fleming (1973) also record the closest parallels. M y discussion of this episode of Barclay's novel first appeared in Connors (1995), 6 4 - 6 6 .

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