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Apple cider vinegar, which contains around 4% acetic acid should have the same effect but tastes ,. :~;L~ Figure 12-2 Opium pipes from around the world. ) Injedion Opium can be injected and it has been done but it is not a good 'ay to take opium. Usually injections of opium (and wine) have been one only as experiments on dogs ... and a lot of the dogs died. Since pium is a fairly solid substance, it's hard to inject without diluting ld is hard to dilute in the first place. Also, opium may easily contain [ant fibers or other contaminants that can cause serious and even :thal infections.

The alkaloids in the opium (such as morphine) are bitter tasting and poisonous to small animals. They certainly aren't sweet. Any animal looking for sugar would quickly deem the poppy a bad choice. At the same time the alkaloids are potent enough to serve as an effective insect repellent if not insecticide. Poppies are very resistant to bugs and it's only after they have matured and sent their seed on their way that the opium begins to dry and aphids (their chief insect foe) or other insects begin to feed on them.

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