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By G A Taylor, S T Treves

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Anterior Posterior Radiopharmaceuticals The development of SPECT and PET radiopharmaceuticals for imaging different aspects of brain function has been and continues to be the focus of considerable effort. 3,114–116 Perfusion Radiopharmaceuticals L. Lat. R. Lat. 24. Selected images from a 99mTc-ECD cerebral radionuclide angiogram (top) reveal no evidence of intracranial flow. Static images obtained following administration of the tracer reveal no evidence of tracer uptake in the brain substance. A SPECT confirmed this finding.

Sufficient general ambient light as well as dimmers in order to be able to provide a soothing effect (some children fall asleep during the examination) 2. Ceiling-mounted spotlight for illuminating the injection or catheterization fields 3. Ceiling-mounted hooks or hangers to hold bottles or containers for intravenous infusion 4. Ceiling-mounted heating lamps 5. Telephone with a cancelable bell; emergency numbers must be posted clearly on the telephone 6. Oxygen and vacuum outlets, preferably wall-mounted and within easy reach from the patient’s head on the examination table 7.

Interictal 18FFDG-PET in a patient with intractable seizures. There is less tracer uptake in the left temporal lobe. 8. Six-week-old infant with seizures. Patient had recurrent convulsions with the head turning left and stiffening of the right side of the body. A computed tomography (CT) scan at 10 days of age showed evidence of hemorrhage in the left frontal periventricular white matter as well as prominent cortical sulci. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed subacute hemorrhage in the left caudothalamic groove.

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