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By Darcy Baston

A no nonsense functional realizing of all that's concerned with breaking the carry of the scary drug.

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Iʼve personally had this experience where I was doing something requiring some physical accuracy (like changing toner in a photocopier) when my dizziness suddenly flared and I stumbled to the floor. I had never had this experience before and have not experienced it since Paxil withdrawal. However difficult the dizziness, there are ways for you to reduce the discomfort: • When doing an activity that requires continuous focus changes (near to far, far to near) like scanning a shopping aisle, try to look up to a distant point every now and then to stare off into the distance and rest your eyes.

Life doesnʼt wait, why deny it? • Ask yourself if you could handle losing one job and get incredibly healthy and confident so that you can excel at your next one? • Ask yourself if you think it fair to you, or your employer, if you gave a mediocre effort, lost your job and the time you could have spent healing anyway? There is a trap in all this career chess. You may start thinking, “OK, Iʼll wait until I have more money saved up or the kids are back in school or... ” Let me reiterate this plainly: LIFE DOESN’T WAIT If you donʼt choose to commit to your withdrawal now, youʼre also choosing to repeat and strengthen a behavior/ dependence that can work even harder against you later.

It can touch everything about you including your desire to be whole and calm. Progress will be celebrated only to be taken away temporarily. Itʼs no big surprise that you can get downright cranky! Hey! Give me back my life! Paxil withdrawal does seem to create an angry response that feels completely automatic and uncontrollable. Before I delve into this, remind yourself like before that this is only temporary. Within a month after your last dose of Paxil, the world could get really annoying to your super sensitive nerves.

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