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By Eleazar Birnbaum

There are over 275 Ottoman Turkish and Çaĝatay manuscripts in Canada, together with greater than two hundred within the choice of Professor Eleazar Birnbaum. those are extraordinary when it comes to age (mostly fifteenth to seventeenth century) and topic variety. The descriptions during this catalogue are strangely specific: they contain writer, identify, topic, contents, first and final phrases, date of manuscript, calligraphy, foliation, dimensions, and the positioning of comparable manuscripts in other places. between different unique gains are info of watermark designs within the paper (useful for courting undated manuscripts), descriptions of seals and notes of earlier vendors, and plenty of color illustrations. additionally describes all Turkish manuscripts within the 3 different small Canadian collections: on the collage of Toronto, McGill collage (Montreal), and the Royal Ontario Museum

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Disconnect of catchwords at f. 72b and 73a; f. 72b should be followed by the page presently numbered 96a. A late 18th century hand has written on the flyleaf a list of sultans from Selīm II to ʿAbdülḥamīd I, noting the year of accession and length of reign for each sultan. Other MSS (see listing at MS 3, T98). 6. T6 Saʿdeddīn, H̱ oca, d. 1008/1599 Tāc üt-tevārīẖ Begins (f. b) ‫ن‬ ‫��س�ع�د ا �ل�د � ن‬ � �‫ي� �خ�وا ج��ه � نب‬ � ‫ح���� نس� ج��ا‬ ‫ت�ا ا �لت� ا �خ‬ �‫ج� و ري‬ ‫�غ‬ ‫آ �خ� ش�� ت �ّ ق‬ ‫ن ق‬ ‫���ل ��ل ��ي ن��ه‬ � ‫�مر د ل‬ ‫كل ب�ر ت�ر�م ��ل ��ي ن��ه * طوطى � ��س�ا و � � ك‬ ‫م‬ Ends (f.

Printed extract in Fahir İz, Eski Türk Edebiyatında Nesir, I (İstanbul, 1964) pp. 239–243 from TKS-T 471 (Emanet Hazinesi no. 1391, cop. 710) cilt 1, f. 443a–446a (Escape of Moses from Egypt to Midian), corresponding to Birnbaum MS 2, T81, p. 436 line 8 to p. 440 line 4. Fuller printed editions: İstanbul, 1260, 1288, 1301; Bulak, 1275. 8 3, T98 A. History Nişāncı Meḥmed Paşa, d.  .  . selāṭīn-i Āl-i ʿOs̱mān. A luxury copy of a classic universal and Ottoman history, 17th century; 2b–3a. 3. T98 ‫ �م���ض ن‬، ‫�ن ش����ا ن� مد �ا �ش���ا‬ Nişāncı Meḥmed Paşa, Ramażānzāde, d.

10/16th century (f. 9a) ‫د ر و�ي��� چ���لب�ى‬ (“Dervīş Çelebi Ḳonevī” on f. ) ‫ا ط�ا �ع� ت� ن�ا �م�ه‬ İṭāʿatnāme (f. 9b) Begins (f.  ‫� و ��سما‬ ‫� �ا ا و ل ��ا �ل� ا ر �ض‬ ِ ‫ي و ي �صى و‬ Ends (f.  ‫ا �ل��ل�ه ع��لى ��ا ي��د �ج� ن��ود ا ��ل�ه�د ا ي��ه‬ A detailed account of the war between two sons of Sultan Süleymān Ḳānūnī (“the Magnificent”), prince Selīm (later Sultan Selīm II) and prince Bāyezīd, 18 A. History 7, T1 Dervīş Çelebi, 10/16th century, ʿİṭāʿatnāme. Rare contemporary report to Sultan Süleymān on the Battle of Konya, 966/1559, between his sons Selīm and Bāyezīd; MS written before the killing of Bāyezīd at Tabrīz in 969/1561; 1b–2a: Beginning of the report.

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