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By Oppian, Colluthus, Tryphiodorus, A. W. Mair

Oppian of Cilicia flourished within the latter half the 2d century, and devoted his Fishing (in 5 books) to Antoninus, possibly Marcus Aurelius. It bargains with the conduct and features of fish in addition to giving directions for fishing: if now not precisely poetical, it incorporates a good deal of curious details. The Chase, devoted to Caracalla, is an inferior composition and will also be the paintings of a Syrian imitator. the 1st publication supplies an appreciation of the huntsman's horses and hounds, the 3 final being dedicated to the searching of untamed animals, from the lion to the hare. This variation is supplied with huge zoological and ichthyological notes.

This quantity additionally comprises the extant paintings of 2 epic poets of Egypt who wrote within the moment half the fifth century below the impression of Nonnus. The Rape of Helen of Colluthus in 394 strains is a delightful account of the Judgement of Paris and Helen's elopement with him; Tryphiodorus (papyri exhibit the right kind spelling to be Triphiodorus) bargains with The Taking of Troy in 691 strains, starting with the wood Horse and finishing with the sacrifice of Polyxena.

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11-16 and 179-187) in which three brothers, Damis, a Hunter, Pigres, a Fowler, Cleitor, a Fisher, make dedicatory offerings of the instruments of their several crafts. Fowling (^opvidevTiKi], i^evrcK-q, aucupium). The 1 methods of the Fowler are alluded to C. i. , iv. 120 ff. (where see notes). The H. i. 31 ff. ; practice of Hawking is mentioned in Aristot. A. €8p€tTr6Xet ev T(Z eXet drjpevovcnv 01 avdpCDTroL to. 6pvi$ta KOivy yap exovres ^vXa cro/Sovcri 'iva TrcTWvrat rd opvWia, 01 tepaKts avwdev vTrep(f)aiv6fXivot, KaraStcaKova-iv' Tavra fiera tcjv UpaKCoV Tov KaXap-ov Kal 8' ol rrjv fxev vXrfv 8e (j)o(ioviieva kolto) irerovTai ttolXiv tt/jos T7]v yrjv ol 8 avdpMTTOi TVTTTOvres TOis ^vXois XafifSdvovfri, Kal 6rjpa

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