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By Columella, Harrison Boyd Ash

Columella (Lucius Iunius Moderatus) of Gades (Cadiz) lived within the reigns of the 1st emperors to approximately 70 CE. He moved early in existence to Italy the place he owned farms and lived close to Rome. it's possible that he did army provider in Syria and Cilicia and that he died at Tarentum. Columella's On Agriculture (De Re Rustica) is the main complete, systematic and precise of Roman agricultural works. booklet I covers selection of farming web site; water offer; constructions; employees. II: Ploughing; fertilising; care of vegetation. III, IV, V: Cultivation, grafting and pruning of fruit bushes, vines, and olives. VI: Acquisition, breeding, and rearing of oxen, horses, and mules; veterinary medication. VII: Sheep, goats, pigs, and canines. VIII: chicken; fish ponds. IX: Bee-keeping. X (in hexameter poetry): Gardening. XI: tasks of the overseer of a farm; calendar for farm paintings; extra on gardening. XII: tasks of the overseer's spouse; manufacture of wines; pickling; keeping. there's additionally a separate treatise, timber (De Arboribus), on vines and olives and diverse timber, maybe a part of an another way misplaced paintings written earlier than On Agriculture. The Loeb Classical Library variation of Columella is in 3 volumes.

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M. : ยป alia SAa. fluctibus pendeat fluctibus tendere 8 A '" 6 Lwndslrdm {cum duobv^s codd. ) fluctibus se fluctibus pendeat a : : : BOOK I, PREFACE 5-8 is more to be wondered at, training-schools most contemptible vices the seasoning of food to promote gluttony and the more extravagant serving of courses, and dressers of the head and hair I have not only heard but have even seen or, what โ€” for the โ€” my o^vn eyes ; but of agriculture I know neither self-professed teachers nor pupils. For even if the 6 with were destitute of professors of the aforementioned arts, still the commonwealth could state โ€” prosper just as in the times of the ancients for \Wthout the theatrical profession and even M^ithout case-pleaders " cities were once happy enough, and yet without tillers of the soil it is will again be so obvious that mankind can neither subsist nor be fed.

As it is, we think it beneath us to till our lands with our OAvn hands, and we consider it of no importance to appoint as an overseer a man of very great experience or at least, if he is inexperienced, one who is wide-awake and active, that he may learn more quickly what he does not know. But if a rich man purchases a farm, out of his thi-ong of footmen and litter-bearers he sends off to the fields the one most bankrupt in years and strength, whereas such work requires, not only knowledge, but the age of vigour and physical strength as Avell, to endure its hardships or, if the OAVTier is of moderate means, out of the number of his hands for hire he orders someone who now refuses him the daily tribute money, since the man cannot be a source of income, to be made a foreman, though he may know nothing of the work which he is to superprietorship losses occasioned ; 12 ; intend.

A late 15th cent, translation of some early edition, published in Bibliothek des litter arise hen Verein in Stuttgart, Vols. CCLXIII- CCLXIV, Tubingen, 1914. , Les agronomes Nisard, latins, Caton, Varron, Columelle, Palladius, Paris. 1844. , Madrid, 1880. , De Columellae Vita et Scriptis, Nancy, 1887. De L. hint Moderati Leipzig, 1897. Becher, Wilhelm, Vita et Scriptis Billiard, 1913. Bilhard, d'apres RajTnond, La vigne dans Raymond, Columellae I'antiquite, Lyons, L'agriculture dans I'antiquite Georgiques de Virgile, Paris, 1928.

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