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By Edited by Geraldine Barnes and Margaret Clunies Ross

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I think we have the same word in the third element given to Ask and Embla in Vsp. ), lá ok lito gó›a (18/8). So what is ‘bought’ and ‘enjoyed’ or ‘used with advantage’ is the ‘sensuality’. But in what way? Vel in vel keyptz can also be understood in different ways, as Gering says, or as vél with a long vowel. Then the expression could mean ‘bought by fraud’ rather than ‘glücklich erworben’ (La Farge and Tucker 1992). And is not that just what is said in stanza 105: Ill i›gjƒld was what he gave her for the precious mead.

Stundum i fiors liki, stundum Odins, stundum Freyiu, en stundum i Friggiar liki edr annarra heidinna manna (Martin3 61823-25 ) Agatha respondit: Sit talis uxor tua: qualis tua dea Venus fuit: et tu sis talis qualis deus tuus Iouis extitit (PassAgat 3816-18) Heilog mær svaradi: Ver flu sem gud flinn Odinn, en kona flin slik sem Freyia gydia flin (Agat1 231-32 ) But the equivalence between Mercurius and Ó›inn on the one hand and Jupiter and fiórr on the other is not so immediate in some other translations.

En hinir siuku menn eggiu›u miok, at flat skylldi fram fara sem skiotast, ef fleir væri fla nƒkkut nærr heilsu sinni en a›r. Oc var sva gert (73617-22) Dragit fler ut skurgo›it fletta ok briotid, enn setid flar i stadinn cross drottins mins Jesus Cristz. fla kaulludu fleir sem siukir voru: Gef flu oss afl ok heilsu, ok munu vær briπta Ty flenna, sem vær hπfum blotad (7413-6) Also the texts from the Heilagra manna sögur show quite different interpretations of the Roman pantheon. The canonical readings, corresponding to the names of the week days, are found for instance in Martinus saga and 7 Cf.

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