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OECD areas at a look offers a sequence of symptoms for OECD countries that will let coverage makers and analysts to guage variations in financial functionality between areas and to higher layout and verify neighborhood rules. Organ

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Finally, in France, New Zealand, Spain, the Slovak Republic and Turkey, unemployment is most concentrated in intermediate regions. Concentration of unemployment is the result of two factors: concentration of the labour force and regional differences in unemployment rates. 4). Therefore, regional differences in unemployment rates help to explain the concentration of unemployment. In a majority of countries (and especially in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Turkey and the United Kingdom) unemployment is more concentrated than the labour force.

Denmark, Sweden, France and Hungary also show an even distribution. Belgium is the country where tertiary-level qualifications are more concentrated in urban regions (80%), followed by the United Kingdom (77%), Germany (68%) and Australia (66%). Concentration of the highly educated is often the result of out-migration from rural areas. The existence of significant differentials in the return to education between rural and urban areas is a major incentive for individuals with higher educational levels to migrate to urban regions.

This pattern is particularly pronounced in Austria, Greece, Hungary, Ireland and Portugal. Only in Poland, Turkey and, to a lesser extent, Korea is concentration higher for the labour force than for population. This implies that activity rates are lower in areas where there is a higher concentration of population, generally urban regions. Definition The labour force (active population) is defined as the sum of employed and unemployed persons. Unemployed persons comprise persons who were (all three conditions must be fulfilled simultaneously): 1.

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