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  • March 28, 2017
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By Diane M. Tyler;James C. Tyler Phd

Winner: mom and dad' selection "Doing and studying" Award

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Page 19 European traders risked long voyages across the Indian Ocean to buy silks and spices in India and China. Page 20 The Arctic and Antarctic Think of the Arctic and Antarctic. Can't you almost feel the bitter, freezing temperatures and frigid wind? Winter nights are long in the polar regions. During the middle of winter it is dark the entire day. But then, summer days are long, too. During the summer months, daylight lasts for 24 hours. Though it is never warm in the polar regions, days can be bright and pleasant when the sun is out and the winds are calm.

Page 57 The spotted moray eel (top) and the purple-colored glassy big eye (bottom) are nocturnal hunters. During the day, to protect themselves from predators, moray eels hide in crevices while the glassy big eye hovers close to the reef. Page 58 Protecting the Reefs We receive many benefits from coral reefs, in addition to their beauty. Coral reefs protect tropical shores from erosion. Fishes, lobsters, and other animals that live around reefs are important as food for people who live on tropical islands and coasts.

Mangroves also provide homes for many types of birds, such as frigates and warblers. So, under the water line and in the branches, a lot is happening in a mangrove forest.  mussels (lower left). Page 43 PART TWO LIFE ON A CORAL REEF Page 44 Fringing Reefs, Barrier Reefs, and Atolls The magical world of a coral reef can be found only in certain places. The water must be clear, because the tiny plants that live within the tissues of coral animals need sunlight to grow. The seawater around a coral reef must not be diluted by large amounts of fresh water running off the land.

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