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By Elizabeth E Bacon

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If the taxes from the seceding group, war might ensue. first chief tried its to collect whether the position of malik was hereditary or elective, he was necessarily dependent on the good will of the people, and they were ready to depose or secede from any leader who displeased them. Even in the case of the tribal chiefs In all cases, who achieved their position through force, the size of the troops they commanded was a gauge of their popularity. They maintained no standing army. When they made a call to arms, they were dependent on the willingness of each village and of each submen.

Puri Valley only one of the villages for which information was obtained had more than one landowning lineage. Precise data could not be obtained for Jaghuri and Besud as to the proportion of villages which constituted lineages compared with those which contained representatives of two or more lineages. The impression of that village functions are extensions of those of the family and that where the village includes two or more lineages it continues to operate as an extended the writer is family or lineage.

A. "Bacha-i-Ghulam" (the name of a Dai Zangi subdivision). Q. "). A. "Waras" (the name of the valley occupied by the informant's section or lineage of the Bacha-i-Ghulam) . Ali Shefa, the lages. " vil- This, together with several other subsections occupying adjacent territories, composed the Nukroz section. The Nukroz was a section of the Sultan was a sub tribe belonging to the Dai Khitai branch Ahmad, which, in turn, Uruzgani. In a conversational exchange such as that recorded previously, Ali Shefa would properly have given his affiliations as: Uruzgani tribe, Dai Khitai branch, Sultan Ahmad subtribe, Nukroz and Zoghi subsection.

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