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Write their responses on the board. • Ask students to identify examples of imagery and symbolism as they read. • Have the class compare the emotions they listed with the emotions, images, and symbols described in the poems. In what ways are the students’ emotions similar to the poets’? different? Which images and symbols did the students find the most powerful or memorable? Why? • from In Search of Light: The Broadcasts of Edward R. Murrow, 1938–1961 These two readings about World War II give more information about the historical backdrop of the novel.

On a sidewalk, 5. ” Writing Write Slogans Students’ slogans should • be based upon the characterizations in Our Town • capture a particular view of life Research and Report Literary Criticism Students’ paragraphs should • include a thesis statement • include details from the play that support the thesis PLAY AFTER YOU READ WORK WITH RELATED READINGS from White Lilacs Students might list specific people, places, and events reminiscent of both works, such as the undertakers Mr. Morgan and Joe Stoddard, Pastor Mobley and the Stage Manager/ Clergyman, the buildings and gardens in Freedomtown and Grover’s Corners, and the joys and sorrows of daily life—working, moving to a new location, births, marriages, deaths.

Have students spend a few minutes making a word web. Ask them to write down anything they associate with the word home. • After students read, compare Momaday’s idea of home with Mrs. Watts’s in this selection. ANSWER KEY All answers are sample answers except those for Vocabulary Practice. PROLOGUE/INTRODUCTION/THE SETTING OUT BEFORE YOU READ Summarize Peyote, a drug that comes from a cactus plant, was used by Native Americans in religious rituals and is still used today in some Native American communities.

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