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By Richard Dawkins, Jason Cowley, Christopher Hitchens

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There’s no mandate in atheism for any particular kind of politics, anyway. RD The people who did Hitler’s dirty work were almost all religious. CH I’m afraid the SS’s relationship with the Catholic Church is something the Church still has to deal with and does not deny. RD Can you talk a bit about that – the relationship of Nazism with the Catholic Church? CH The way I put it is this: if you’re writing about the history of the 1930s and the rise of totalitarianism, you can take out the word “fascist”, if you want, for Italy, Portugal, Spain, Czechoslovakia and Austria and replace it with “extremeright Catholic party”.

CH You must never be afraid of that charge, any more than stridency. RD I will remember that. CH If I was strident, it doesn’t matter – I was a jobbing hack, I bang my drum. You have a discipline in which you are very distinguished. You’ve educated a lot of people; nobody denies that, not even your worst enemies. You see your discipline being attacked and defamed and attempts made to drive it out. 19 DECEMBER 2011 – 1 JANUARY 2012 | NEW STATESMAN | 31 COVER STORY t of] Prohibition. It was their biggest defeat.

I love listening to you [but] I can’t bear listening to . . Well, I mustn’t say that. I think he did come over as rather nice on that evening. CH He was charming, that evening. And during the day, as well. RD What was your impression of him? CH You can only have one aim per debate. I had two in debating with Tony Blair. The first one was to get him to admit that it was not done – the stuff we complain of – in only the name of religion. That’s a cop-out. The authority is in 30 | NEW STATESMAN | 19 DECEMBER 2011 – 1 JANUARY 2012 the text.

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