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By Narenda Kumar, Rajiv Kumar

Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials within the therapy of Life-threatening Diseases takes a systematic method of nanotechnology and nanomaterials functions in medication, whereas additionally explaining the center organic ideas for an viewers of biomedical engineers, fabrics scientists, pharmacologists, and clinical diagnostic technicians. The publication is dependent through significant ailment teams, providing a pragmatic, application-based concentration for scientists, engineers, and clinicians alike. The spectrum of scientific purposes is explored, from diagnostics and imaging to drug supply, tracking, remedies, and illness prevention. It additionally focuses in particular at the synthesis of nanomaterials and their strength well-being dangers (particularly toxicity).

Nanomedicine - the appliance of nanomaterials and units for addressing clinical difficulties - has verified nice strength for permitting more desirable analysis, remedy, and  tracking of many critical health problems, together with melanoma, cardiovascular and neurological problems, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes, in addition to many sorts of inflammatory and infectious diseases.

  • Gain an knowing of ways nanotechnologies and nanomaterials should be deployed within the struggle opposed to the key life-threatening illnesses: melanoma, neurological problems (including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), cardiovascular illnesses, and HIV/AIDS
  • Discover the most recent advancements in nanomedicine, from treatments and drug supply to diagnostics and illness prevention
  • The authors conceal the health and wellbeing hazards of nanomaterials in addition to their merits, contemplating toxicity and capability carcinogens

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