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By Antonietta M. Gatti, Stefano Montanari

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In addition to that, necrosis looked less important, and ossification was more rarely seen. Particles could not be observed histologically. The findings indicate a malignant mesenchymal tumor, which is classified on the basis of the morphology and the immuno-histochemical marker profile as rhabdomyosarcoma. The results obtained, though preliminary and in need to be confirmed by further experiments, show that size is a decisive factor in determining the compatibility of a material with the organism.

E. materials that must be not only accepted by the biological environment, but also promote an appropriate and favourable biological interaction. , 1999). So the biocompatibility of a material must have an “appropriate” cell adhesion, that is preceded by a specific protein adsorption from the extracellular matrix. The adsorption of a specific monolayer of proteins will be of the utmost importance for the success of an implant. In fact, once the proper protein has been adsorbed by the implanted surface, the appropriate cells need to adhere and proliferate.

2002). Furthermore, animal studies revealed that inhaled nanoparticles were relocated into the liver (Oberdörster G. , 2002) and the brain (Oberdörster G. , 2004). Thus, nanoparticles seem to be able to circumvent the tight blood-brain-barrier and possibly cross the bloodplacenta barrier (Reichrtova E. , 1998), (Kaiglova A. , 2001). Moreover, it has been suggested, and we offered further evidence, that nanoparticles are involved in thrombus formation (Nemmar A. et al. M. , 2000). ) and the location of particle detection are generally far apart, a distribution via the blood stream must have occurred.

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