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By M. Teresa Cabré Castellví, Ona Domènech Bagaria, Rosa Estopà Bagot

This is often an cutting edge and particular comparative monograph approximately new note construction within the diverse sorts of Catalan. In 8 chapters, it offers a wide ranging research of the neologisms documented via the NEOXOC community. every one bankruptcy is devoted to the qualitative and quantitative research, in addition to the comparative territorial research, of neologisms, differentiated by means of formation assets: suffixation, prefixation, neoclassical compounding, vernacular compounding and syntagmatic compounding, Spanish loanwords, English loanwords, truncation and semantic switch. annexes comprise the neologisms brought up in addition to a pattern of the knowledge gathered via NEOXOC from a corpus in the course of 2008-2010, therefore developing a hyperlink with past experiences conducted by means of the Observatori de Neologia. This booklet is of curiosity to students of the Catalan language and to someone excited by lexical neology, or in additional particular fields equivalent to morphology or lexical semantics. furthermore, the cutting edge procedure (based at the research of diatopic edition in Catalan lexical neology) makes it appropriate if you happen to have an interest within the evolution of languages, linguistic version and language making plans. The chapters are written in Catalan, with vast English summaries.

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Pel que fa al pes de la prefixació en el conjunt dels procediments de formació de mots, contrasten les dades de Girona amb les de tots els altres nodes considerats globalment: es passa d’un 5,2% (Girona) a un 14,3 (Lleida, el següent), i s’arriba a un 23,9% (Alacant). Quant a la quantificació de les categories gramaticals per nodes, les oscil·lacions són remarcables: la proporció de noms sobre el total de neologismes de cada node varia d’un 46,2% (Girona) a un 36% (Tarragona), la d’adjectius d’un 49,6% (Lleida) a un 36,8% (Tarragona), i la de verbs d’un 27,3% (Tarragona) a un 10,1% (Lleida).

In this period of time, we collected 25,000 occurrences that correspond to 12,000 different lemmas. These data are distributed through the nodes unevenly, as can be observed in Table 1. In the first place, it is worth commenting on the differences in the quantity of data obtained by each work group, which is explained fundamentally by the different dimensions of each group. 881 or 1,600–2,900 occurrences), with the exception of Barcelona, where a significantly higher number was obtained (close to 5,400 lemmas/9,000 occurrences), and Perpignan, where a markedly lower number was obtained (252 lemmas/257 occurrences).

Caplletra 51 (tardor 2011). 9–33. Freixa, Judit (2004). “Neologismes formats per prefixació”. Dins Observtori de Neologia (2004). Llengua catalana i neologia. Barcelona: Meteora. 83–112. Gené, Maria; Salvà, Francesca (2009). “Els neologismes prefixats: anàlisi del grau de neologicitat a partir de diferents filtres establerts”. Dins Cabré, M. ). Les paraules noves. Criteris per detectar i mesurar els neologismes. Vic/Barcelona: Eumo Editorial / Universitat Pompeu Fabra. 49–66. Gràcia, Lluïsa; et al.

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