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By Israel Knohl

It beneficial properties the 1st dialogue of the lately found textual content 'The Gabriel Revelation' - an apocalyptic textual content written on stone on the flip of the typical period. This pill presents innovative paths to the knowledge of the ancient Jesus and the beginning of Christianity.
It explores the formation of the perception of "catastrophic messianism" within the Gabriel Revelation. in response to this belief, the loss of life of a messianic chief and his resurrection via the angel Gabriel after 3 days is a necessary a part of the redemptive strategy. This notion is a brand new key which allows us for the 1st time to appreciate the messianic imaginative and prescient of the old Jesus. this significant and interesting ebook will therefore shed new and progressive gentle on our easy view of Christianity.

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Lines 9–12; B. lines 13–42; and C. lines 56–76. 32 Messiahs and Resurrection in The Gabriel Revelation A. lines 9–12 This fragmentary unit describes a dialogue between God and the vision’s recipient, who hears the ‘word of God’ (line 9). As noted in the commentary, the references to ‘asking questions’ in lines 10 and 11 presumably served as an introduction to the revelation of the vision that follows. Line 12 is an introductory remark by God, Who announces that He is about to speak of ‘the greatness of Jerusalem,’ a phrase that probably refers to Jerusalem’s miraculous salvation on the eschatological date.

However, the surviving text lacks any clear statement regarding the identity of this vision’s recipient. The words of encouragement in lines 22–23 ‘the angel is supporting you. Do not fear,’ seem to indicate that they are addressed to a human being who is supported by an angel. As noted in the commentary on these lines, the entire scene is based on Daniel 8:16–18, Gabriel’s revelation before Daniel. We may note at this juncture the other points of similarity found between this revelation and The Gabriel Revelation (see the commentary to lines 20, 57, 82 and the above discussion of the ending of the two compositions).

E. Urbach, The Sages (Jerusalem: Magnes Press,1979), 72–77. Pesachim 104a, Avoda Zara 50a. Third century CE, See, J. Florsheim, ‘R. Menahem B. R. Simai,’ Tarbiz 45 (1976): 151–153. In the Palestinian Talmud the same man is referred to as My#dq #dwq #y) Mwxn (Avoda Zara 3:1 42c). See, E. E. ); S. Schwatz, Imperialism and Jewish Society (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2001), 172–173. 26 Messiahs and Resurrection in The Gabriel Revelation 21, 24, 28, 31, 70, 71); God’s words are directed at the recipient of the vision (lines 10, 19, 21–23, 31, 57, 67); prophetic expressions referring to the speech of God abound (lines 4, 9, 11, 13, 17–20, 29–30, 57–59, 69); and Gabriel is not mentioned explicitly (however, as we have suggested, he is probably alluded to in lines 22–23: ‘the angel is supporting you’).

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