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How you can buildboats, water cars, wind turbines, searchlight, electrical burglar alarm, ice boat, water bicycle, cabins, camps, clocks, fishing take on, kites, imitations road motor vehicle line, et cetera. The instructions are simple and complete.(Как построить лодки, водные моторы, ветряные мельницы, прожектора, электрическую сигнализацию, ледяную лодку, водный велосипед, кабины, лагеря, часы, рыболовные снасти, воздушные змеи, имитацию трамвайной линии, и так далее).

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So simple that no other needed description is than the picture. You can make a chair-sleigh out of this by fitting a chair on the cross board instead of the Chair sieigh board or long top it will be still stronger if the top board is allowed to remain, and then you will have a device that can readily again be transformed into a coasting sled. In making the chair-sleigh it is necessary, in order to hold the chair in place, to nail four L-shaped blocks on the cross boards, one for each leg 5 ut e 2.

Postal camera clubs are becoming a fad have already been for several years in England and Europe. The members are made up of amateur photographers residing in different parts of the in this country, as they country who forward to each other inter- esting pictures they have taken. The prints are made from the negatives directly onto postal cards, find the collection thus secured a few months gives glimpses of scenes from widely separated localities. in POPULAR MECHANICS. 39 MECHANICS FOR YOUNG AMERICA SOMETHING FOR BOYS TO MAKE.

YOUNG AMERICA Coasting Sleds, Chair Sleighs, Toboggan Slides, SKis and to Make Them Make your own sleds, boys! There is no use in buying them, because your hand-made sled is probably better than any purchased one and then you can take so much more pride in it when you know it There are so construction. designs of sleds that can be is of your own many different made by hand proud possessor of a chair-sleigh grown his mother, him on his outings, How may sister or lady friend and permit her take with to ride in the chair.

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