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By Tim O’Brien, Jason van Zyl, Brian Fox, John Casey, Juven Xu, Thomas Locher

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6. Maven Resolves Transitive Dependencies In the previous figure, project A depends on projects B and C. Project B depends on project D, and project C depends on project E. The full set of direct and transitive dependencies for project A would be projects B, C, D, and E, but all project A had to do was define a dependency on B and C. Transitive dependencies can come in handy when your project relies on other projects with several small dependencies (like Hibernate, Apache Struts, or the Spring Framework).

This goal executes all of the tests and creates output files that capture detailed results. By default, this goal will terminate a build if there is a test failure. jar:jar The jar goal of the Jar plugin is bound to the package phase. This goal packages the output directory into a JAR file. 3. Bound Goals are Run when Phases Execute To summarize, when we executed mvn install, Maven executes all phases up to the install phase, and in the process of stepping through the lifecycle phases it executes all goals bound to each phase.

The convention for group identifiers is that they begin with the reverse domain name of the organization that creates the project. apache. artifactId A unique identifier under groupId that represents a single project. version A specific release of a project. Projects that have been released have a fixed version identifier that refers to a specific version of the project. Projects undergoing active development can use a special identifier that marks a version as a SNAPSHOT. The packaging format of a project is also an important component in the Maven coordinates, but it isn't a part of a project's unique identifier.

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