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By Jayantanuja Bandyopadhyaya

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Chapter 12 of Proverbs is a good test sample for such a comparison as it contains a series of generic statements. It is noteworthy that in the entire chapter one finds only one occurrence of the article, which is nonconsonantal and thus can be non-original (Prov 12,21). Although a larger study is needed, the non-use of the article in the generic statements in Prov 12 contrasted with the uses found in the book of Qoheleth shows the extent to which the languages of these two books are different. As it was stressed previously, the impression of chaos with regard to the article in the book of Qoheleth is caused mostly by the author’s choice to build different perspectives on subjects in the statements that contain general observations.

The lack of the article indicates, however, that his point is different. Indeed, he wants to affirm the mere existence of occasions in which it is appropriate to do certain things and not to 39 The instances in which the article is used or not are arbitrary; therefore the impression that the word ‫הים‬Z ִ ‫“ ֱא‬stands with or without article seemingly indiscriminately” (ISAKSSON, Studies, 145). 40 SCHOORS, Preacher, vol. II, 46-49. indb 43 21/06/11 15:37 44 The Article in the Book of Qoheleth indicate that there is only one, specific moment in which a particular activity can be performed.

Dr. Dr. J. P. M. van der Ploeg O. P. zur Vollendung des siebzigsten Lebensjahres am 4. Juli 1979 (AOAT 211), Kevelaer - Neukirchen-Vluyn 1982, 341-365. DOBBS-ALLSOPP F. W. , Hebrew Inscriptions: Texts from the Biblical Period of the Monarchy with Concordance, New Haven - London 2005. , “The Definite Article in Phoenician”, Maarav 9 (2002) 33-53. indb 49 21/06/11 15:37 50 The Article in the Book of Qoheleth GOGEL S. , A Grammar of Epigraphic Hebrew (Society of Biblical Literature. Resources for Biblical Study 23), Atlanta 1998.

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