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Because of the rapidity with which this takes place, it has been concluded by Ben-Hamida and Schlessinger (1966) that a preexisting nuclease or nucleases must accordingly be activated, and they suggest that disaggregation of polysomes in the cell is the initiating factor in the process. This could result in release of nucleases from the disaggregate ribosomes. Enzymes that depolymerize RNA can be divided into two groups, according to their dependence on metal ions and on the basis of the products formed.

Brown, 1966). A quantitative survey of the number and size of nucleoli in most tissues of the mouse has been published by Shea and Leblond (1966). In diploid cells, the number of nucleoli varies between 1 and 6, whereas tetraploid hepatocyte nuclei show up to 11 nucleoli. Shea and Leblond conclude that there are 6 nucleolar organizers per diploid set of mouse chromosomes, but that not all these organizers may be expressed, thus resulting in cells showing fewer than the maximum number of nucleoli.

Coli strains having stringent needs for exogenous amino acids. , Sykes, 1966; D. W. Morris and DeMoss, 1966; Stent, 1966; Delgarno and Gros, 1968; Nierlich, 1968; Ezekiel and Blumenthal, 1968). Edlin and Broda (1968) have provided a detailed review of the evidence up to 1968. B. Evolution of Regulation As discussed above, there is good reason to accept the Jacob-Monod model of the functioning of the lac operon. However, Pollock (1967) has assembled evidence that the classical polycistronic operon may be only a stage in the evolution of control mechanisms.

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