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By David Currell

Making and Manipulating Marionettes is a wonderful advisor to a craft and function artwork that has involved audiences for over 2,000 years. Handsomely illustrated all through, it offers specific directions for the making of marionettes, either for performs and for acts within the style culture. All points of marionette layout, development, and regulate are coated, and there are infrequent insights into really expert designs and stringing thoughts. Contents contain an creation to the marionette culture and the foundations and practicalities of marionette layout; recommendation on fabrics and techniques for carving, modeling, and casting puppet elements; exact motives for marionette regulate, stringing, and manipulation; step by step directions for the development and jointing of human and animal marionettes; secrets and techniques for reaching a variety of certain effects.

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RVlw1I Ol £' Neck is Sl'pam((' ji'01Il till! Hearl (lml Bolly Carve the neck in 1,\'oocl or usc a large diameter dmvel shaped with tools ()t bLlilt up VI' ith a modeiling material. The top and bott om of t he neck Ci:l11 be joined inside the head and body using any of the methods described above but the most flexible method. which give~ very satisfactory movelUenL utilizes a cord [tinning t hrough a hole drilled vertically through the neck. cl inside the head : pass them throu gh a hol e in the body.

Uare at one end bUl Lhe lOp of the tongue should be :\mnded and the sides cUl to the profile shape of the :·lrcarm . File the edges smooth . : forearm in a ·: in~ and saw clown into it. a ~ lIfficiently '''ide slot with H SCl\'\' alone, slk:c i:1 Billie more ',m od away \vith a craft lmile. Glue and insert the di umin ium into the slot and secure it with small nails. 1Cl\'ing lirsl drilled guide holes. nail aluminium 'tongue' A slwped sl"jp of crlllmilliuJII is used tolorm the tOllfJu~Ior tlIe joi'l(.

Whi ch a llows only sideways movement. is most often used for humorous effect in a novelty act. WI'lke the body in three sections: chest. pelvis. and a larger central secti on incorponlting the waist. Leave the chest and pelvis hallm'll and shape the top and bottom of the cen tre secti on to lit in to the other two parts. In sert the ends of th e centrepiece into the chest and pelvis and join the th ree sections with two long nails so thal the body is fn:e to pivot :sideways. a1dno a plaSil'r cnsl.

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