Download Make It Mighty Ugly: Exercises & Advice for Getting Creative by Kim Piper Werker, Kate Bingaman-Burt PDF

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By Kim Piper Werker, Kate Bingaman-Burt

Enthusiasts of DIY tasks and crafts will overcome their worry of failure and create their very own masterpieces utilizing this enjoyable and encouraging handbook. Get artful. Make nice Stuff. Be inventive! the number 1 worry of all artistic types—crafters, DIYers, makers, artists—is that failure lurks correct round the nook. artful blogger and creativity guru Kim Piper Werker urges every body to choose up their pen or paintbrush or scissors and make whatever potent grotesque: get that “failure” out of ways. This pleasant ebook bargains up a multi-pronged method of overcoming inventive fears via inspiring essays and anecdotes, interviews, workouts and activates, and sage recommendation from everywhere in the inventive spectrum to aid contributors slay their inventive demons.

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They may involve personality traits or a special way of approaching a certain kind of situation. Maybe you’re a free spirit who can always be counted on for a last-minute road trip, or maybe you’re a full-on Type A who always makes sure an adventure is fully planned well in advance. Either way, it’s a strength. Allow yourself to see a hero even in the small things. If you can whip up a delicious dinner for four with thirty minutes’ notice, that’s a heck of a hero quality. As much, I’d argue, as knowing how to siphon gas in a dire situation on the side of a dusty rural road, and doing it without complaint.

Do feel free to revisit your hero pages at any time. You may see them differently at different times or in different moods; add or subtract some over time, but deny any inclination you may feel in your darkest hours to erase them all. Even when you’re feeling your worst, your hero qualities persist. I swear. OK, this is the end of my pep talk. I recognize that this may have been hard for you, or it may have been a piece of cake—either way, your having done it means we’re ready to proceed. 1 The only one I managed to finish was Deliverance.

I linked to my new site on a couple of forums and then I think I went to bed. Ten days after I launched the manifesto, I was hearing from people from all over the world. Up to that point, I had used the web as a playground for learning HTML code and looking stuff up. Suddenly, I was using the web to interact with people for whom English was a third language. And those people thought my idea was awesome, and they wanted to be a part of it. For real? For real. There’s an actual thing called impostor syndrome that leads people to dismiss their successes as being due to luck or fakery.

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